Valentine's Artist Trading Coin #3: Pair of Hearts

Hello, everyone!  Today I have number 3 of 4 Valentine's Artist Trading Coins to share with you!  This coin features a pair of pink hearts.   I also have a video at the bottom of this post and at my YouTube channel here.

I started off by punching out the coin shapes from mixed media paper and book text.   I glue the two together and put a light layer of gesso onto the bookpage.  I ended up covering it all with the paint, so in the end, using the book page as a layer was a moot point, haha.  I also cut two hearts ono printer paper, cut them out, and then used them as a template for cutting the hearts out of mixed media paper.

I pulled out my Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists in "Cherry" and "Pink Bell" and spritzed them onto the hearts.  I rarely ever use any of my sprays because I am guaranteed to make a mess, but this time I put the hearts into a cardboard box before spraying them, which really helped contain the mess!  I wanted my hearts to have a shimmer to them…

Valentine's Artist Trading Coin Featuring Tim Holtz's Crazy Cat

Hello, everyone!  Welcome back!  In today's post, I will show how I made the second of four Valentine's coins.  These are for a swap where four people each had their own theme.  The first coin was a bacon and egg theme, and this coin's theme was a cat, so I chose to use a Crazy Cat from the Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous Mini Crazy Cats and Crazy Dog stamp set.

I do have a video of how I made these coins, so if you are interested in watching that, you can go here or scroll to the end of this post.

Sorry for the poor photo - I just couldn't get good lighting.  Anyhow, I started by punching out 2.5" circles from mixed media paper and bookpages.  I glued the pieces together and then used a wash of white gesso by Liquetex gesso over the bookpage to push the text into the background.  As you can see in the photos above, you don't see much of the bookpages any more.

I stamped the cats from the Tim Holtz stamp set onto the Canson mixed media paper, and colored them usi…

Creating an Angry, Volcanically Active Planet with Acrylics and Crackle Medium...

Hello and a Happy New Year everyone!  For those who celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

For today's post, I will show you how I made angry, geologically active alien planets using acrylic paints and crackle medium. These cards were so hard to photograph, and the pictures below have been manipulated a bit so you could (hopefully) see more details in the planet's surface.   I have to say, I am in LOVE with how this turned out!  You can watch the video on this too by scrolling to the bottom of this post.

To start, I used a circle stencil to lightly trace partial circles onto my cards.  You can use any circle shape or even free-hand it, but I used Donna Downey's "Bubble" stencil.

My next step was to paint in the partial circles with reds and orange fluid acrylics.  I didn't bother to mix or blend the colors, since I knew most of it would be covered up, but I wanted some variation in colors for those areas that did show through the crackles.


Mixed Media ICAD, Using Up Some Scrappy Papers

Mixed Media ICAD, Using Scrap Papers From My Stash
Hello, everyone!I am back with another ICAD– this time, I was determined to use up some of my leftover bits of papers and used postage stamps.I will apologize up front, as some of the photos aren’t very clear, but I used the ‘snapshot’ feature on some of them using a video editing software, and the images became blurred when I made them bigger. 
Yes, you heard right! I made my very first YouTube video!Whoot, whoot!I’m doing the jiggy dance as I type this – soooo…I still have areas that I need to improve on, but hey, you never learn if you never ‘do’, right?If you are interested in the video, you can find it here or find it at the bottom of my post.That being said, I don’t think I will use photos from the video anymore.They just get too fuzzy when I enlarge the images.Lesson learned for next time!
As I mentioned above, I have too many leftover bits of papers that I used in other projects….bookpages, scrapbook/patterned papers, security e…

Monochromatic White Artist Trading Coins

Hello, and happy weekend everyone!  I am back (again) after taking a break to study for a computer certification course.  I am happy to say that I passed, yay me!  
This time around I made four artist trading coins for a monochromatic white (with some silvery glitter.)  It's hard to get the right angle to show the details of these coins, but I did my best. 

For three of these, I put down bookpages and gessoed over it with white gesso.  I wanted to have that extra bit of interest, but I also wanted to keep to a monochrome color scheme.  The coin in the top left doesn't have a bookpage background, though, because I goofed on the original, then forgot to do the bookpage step when I redid it.  C'est le vie!  
Here are the tools I used:   --2.5" circle punched from Canson Mixed Media paper --Stencils: "Persian Gate" from The Crafter's Workshop (this is the one in the photograph); "Wildflowers" from My Favorite Things; Dina Wakley stencil (I'm n…

Alterned Rolodex - A Snarky New Year

Hello and welcome back!  I'm so sorry for the disappearance, but I was in a class that ate into my artsy time, but now I am back with a trio altered rolodex cards for you.  These fun little beauties are for a "Snarky New Year's Resolution" swap on the ATCs For All site I trade at.   I was excited for this swap, as it gave me a perfect excuse to use the new Dina Wakley Essential Silhouette stamps that I had just bought.  I blame MixedMedia Jenn; she had been using stamps from this and a another stamp set over on her YouTube channel, so I eventually broke down and bought them.  I just needed an reason to use them, and this swap was the perfect venue!

To start with, the rolos I used are cut from Canson mixed media paper.  I have a circular rolodex file with the 1.25x4" cards, but those are too thin to handle what I'd put them through, even if I glued multiple layers together.  Also, since these rolos are for a swap, I needed to make sure they were made on quali…

Stamping Into Acrylics - Sponge-Tree Canvas

Hello, everyone!  I am back with an acrylic 5x7 canvas.   For this canvas, I followed an awesome YouTube video tutorial by Angela Anderson.  However, I don't want to infringe on her rights or steal her thunder, so for this post, I plan to focus on a technique that I wanted to use for this painting: stamping into wet paint. (I stamped the top and bottom, though you can really see it at the top.)

If you would like to learn how to paint, I highly recommend taking a look at Angela Anderson's channel here; for this canvas, I followed her free lesson called "Easy Acrylic Painting Tutorial - Impressionist Trees, which you can find the video here.   I can barely draw most times, much less paint, but I am so thrilled with how it turned out!  Seriously - if you would like to learn how to paint, Ms Anderson has a ton of beginner videos are easy to follow along!

To start with, I dropped a grey and a bit of raw umber onto the canvas, and spread it around with one of those fake credit…